Rescan Guarantee

Hey Baby 4D Birmingham is a boutique private ultrasound clinic based in Acocks Green

The Hey Baby Guarantee


All scanning packages begin with our wellbeing check and offer optional gender confirmation in traditional black and white 2D. The ultrasound scanner will then be switched into 4D mode, transforming your baby’s image and showing incredible detail. Watch in fascination as your baby sucks their thumb or rubs their eyes, wiggling around in the womb. You’ll see all of their tiny fingers and toes and some parents are even able to tell whose nose baby has!

We can’t guarantee what position your baby will be in at the time of your appointment and unfortunately, babies aren’t always in the mood for a photo shoot! We will do everything we can to obtain the best possible images of your baby for you whilst you’re with us, but if baby is in the wrong position then we will invite you back at a later time or date to try again.

Please note: terms and conditions apply. Rescans should ideally be booked before 32 weeks. This is because the room in the womb is decreasing and an additional scan may not yield a better image. Your Sonographer will advise whether or not a rescan will make a significant difference.