Ultrasound Timeline

Hey Baby 4D Birmingham is a boutique private ultrasound clinic based in Acocks Green

Ultrasound scans are all performed at specific times during pregnancy to complement the size, development, and position of your baby. Below is a guide to show you which scans are available at what stage during your pregnancy

  • Visual Heartbeat: from 6 weeks
    See the heart beating
  • Length of Baby: from 8 weeks
    See how long your baby is
  • Dates: from 8 weeks
    We can check your date of conception and your expected due date (EDD) from 8 weeks into your pregnancy
  • Foetal Biometry: from 15 weeks
    Head, tummy & femur measurements
  • Audible Heartbeat: from 16 weeks
    see and hear the heart beating
  • Foetal Weight: from 28 weeks
    An estimation of the weight of your unborn baby
  • Liquid Volume, Placenta, Presentation: from 32 weeks
    Checking the position of baby and placenta, along with the volume of amniotic fluid